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Austin Beginnings: An Exhibit of Memorable Austin Firsts
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First Year Firsts: 1839
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Austin Beginnings: a Quiz

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1. What was the highest price paid for a lot in the first sale of land?
Answer: $2800
2. Who was Austin's first physician?
Answer: Thomas W. Anderson
3. What was the first name for Pease School?
Answer: Austin Graded School
4. Who was the first woman to enroll at UT?
Answer: Jessie Andrews
5. Who were the first opponents for the UT women's basketball team?
Answer: Town Girls
6. What was the first motion picture produced locally?
Answer: Their Lives by a Thread
7. What was the name of the first ice cream establishment?
Answer: Ohrndorf’s Ice Cream Saloon
8. What was the first team to play football against UT?
Answer: Dallas Football Club
9. What was the name of the first open-air concrete swimming pool?
Answer: Deep Eddy
10. What was the first multi-story office building?
Answer: Scarbrough Building
11. What was the first air-conditioned office building?
Answer: Norwood Building
12. What was the name for Austin's first city-wide street lighting?
Answer: Moonlight towers
13. What was the first all-night restaurant?
Answer: Night Hawk
14. What was the song heard during the first telephone conversation?
Answer: Almost Persuaded
15. What was the first name of the longest-running newspaper?
Answer: Democratic Statesman
16. Who was the first traffic policeman?
Answer: Kelley
17. What was Austin's first park?
Answer: Wooldridge
18. Who was the operator of the first ferry in 1846?
Answer: Sam Stone
19. Pierre Bremond, Ewell Nalle, or Reinhold Haschke owned the first what?
Answer: Automobile
20. Who was the first black city council member?
Answer: Henry Madison
21. Who was the first mayor elected to three terms?
Answer: Carole Keeton Rylander
22. Who was the first Hispanic city council member?
Answer: John Trevino
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