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The resources of the Austin History Center are used for a wide variety of scholarly and popular research. Recent publications using the holdings of the Austin History Center include:



Blevins, Don.
A Priest, a Prostitute, and Some Other Early Texans: The Lives of Fourteen Lone Star State Pioneers. Twodot, 2008.

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Lone Star Politics: Tradition and Transformation in Texas: CQ Press, 2008.

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Spare Time in Texas. Austin: University of Texas Press, 2008.

Gipson, Jeff, Marisa Ballas eds.
Emergent Urbanism: Evolution in Urban Form, Texas: University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, 2008


Texas Trailblazer Louise Raggio, Aired March 19, 2008 on KERA 13-Dallas at 9:30pm.

Going Postal: 15 Random Acts of Violence, Aired various times April 2008 on the E! Entertainment cable channel.

Murder By the Book. Tru Channel. Episode on Madalyn Murray O’Hair, hosted by Kathy Reichs. Air Date: January 14, 2008.

A Community Mosaic. Produced by Susan & Rob Burneson for Violet Crown Community Works. 2008.


Galvan Family from the Laguna Gloria Museum Papers AR.Z.32. For exhibit at the AMOA-Laguna Gloria.

Newspaper/Magazine Articles
Breazeale, George. Austin American Statesman. “This Old House: After 7 decades of collecting memories, House Park looks to the future.” April 30, 2008.

Novak, Amber. Texas Highways. “The Gifted Gunslinger.” March 2008.

Van Ryzin, Jeanne Claire. Austin American Statesman. “Recycling Palmer.” March 2, 2008.

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Texas Land Title Association. TLTA Milestones: Commemorative Centennial Edition. Spring 2008.