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By the Sweat of Our Brow
Photograph of thresher A steam powered thresher does double duty as a sun shade for these rural, turn-of-the-century Travis County farmers.
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Photograph of man at Farmers Market loading produce into a pickup truck A local grower displays the fruits of his labor at the Travis County Farmers' Market.
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Photograph of man walking behind plow being pulled by two cows Even after technology had provided a better and faster way of performing tasks around the farm, many farmers used pre-technology methods such as this two cow plow. Census data for 1915 reported that there were 56,000 farms in Texas. That number had dwindled to 2,092 by 1954.
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Photograph of men in spinach field near Town Lake These two men are standing in the middle of an expansive crop of spinach on what is now the site of the City Coliseum, between Barton Springs Road and Riverside Drive.
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Photograph of man bottling milk at the Heep Dairy This employee of the Heep Dairy is so focused on his work, bottling the product in a public viewing room, that he seems totally unaware of being photographed. A 1936 ad in the Austin American-Statesman informed customers that "employees are subjected weekly to exacting physical examinations to insure their being free from communicative disease."
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Photograph of cotton arriving at the cotton gin in horse-drawn wagons Driving the fully loaded wagons to the gin was just a small portion of the work that went into raising and processing cotton. At the gin the cotton would be cleaned of debris and seeds and then baled for shipment.
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