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Building the City
Photograph of workers standing in front of the Capitol under construction In July of 1886 this group of stonecutters, made up of mostly Aberdeen Scots, posed in front of the new Capitol for the camera of S.H. Cooper. The Scots were imported for the job when local organized labor groups, opposed to the use of convict labor (in competition with free labor), warned all granite cutters to stay away from Austin.
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Photograph of workers installing the streetcar rails In 1907 the process of laying concrete was just a bit different than the pour-it-from-the-truck convenience of today. The men shown here are the concrete crew working on the installation of the streetcar rails at 7th Street and Congress Avenue.
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Photograph of two men using a jackhammer to remove the old streetcar rails from the street Taken in 1940, this photograph shows two workers in the process of removing the streetcar rails on East 1st Street.
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Photograph of man riding a machine that paints stripes in the street This City of Austin employee from the Street and Bridge Division rides his trusty striping machine, laying a stripe along one of Austin's avenues.
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Photograph of man in hard hat spreading asphalt The hot asphalt gives off steam as this street worker rakes it smooth during the 1975 resurfacing of 38th Street.
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