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Butcher, Baker, Circuit Board Maker
Photograph of cow carcasses hanging from the ceiling in the Austin Abattoir The slaughter room of the Austin Abattoir was a busy place in October of 1939 as these meat cutters cut beef carcasses into halves.
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Photograph of chef serving food onto a plate for a waiter Good food has always been an Austin tradition. Many Austinites are working hard, both in the food preparation industry and in the consumption of products. Here we see Chef Jean-Pierre serving one of his creations.
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Photograph of employees at the Nighthawk Restaurant No. 2 Dressed up in crisp white uniforms and ready for action, these Night Hawk restaurant workers pose for the camera in front of the Night Hawk Number 2 at 1814 Guadalupe. Inspired by the all night cafes he encountered in the Hollywood of the early 1930s, restaurateur, community theater advocate, and future mayor, Harry Aiken opened his first Night Hawk on Congress Avenue in 1933.
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Photograph of man tossing pizza dough Providing food for an ever hungry population is a full time job for many people. This pizza maker makes tossing a pizza look like fun instead of the hard work it really is.
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Photograph of person in clean room attire working with computer chip wafers Austin has traditionally sought out "clean" industry and as a result is now well known as a research and high-tech mecca. In this photo a manufacturing technician removes a boat of wafers from a metal etch tool. This etching process takes place in SEMATECH's class 1 clean room where outside air is filtered to remove 99.9999 percent of contaminating particles. All who enter the clean room must don a special lint-free "bunny suit" complete with mask, booties and gloves.
Photo courtesy of International SEMATECH
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