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Austin Beginnings: An Exhibit of Memorable Austin Firsts
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First Year Firsts: 1839
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Austin Beginnings: a Quiz

Now that you've gone through the Austin Beginnings exhibit, it's time to test your knowledge of Austin's firsts. See if you can remember the answer to each of the questions below. Click on the "tell me" button to see the answer. If your browser does not support JavaScript, you may still view the quiz questions and answers.

1. What was the highest price paid for a lot in the first sale of land?
2. Who was Austin's first physician?
3. What was the first name for Pease School?
4. Who was the first woman to enroll at UT?
5. Who were the first opponents for the UT women's basketball team?
6. What was the first motion picture produced locally?
7. What was the name of the first ice cream establishment?
8. What was the first team to play football against UT?
9. What was the name of the first open-air concrete swimming pool?
10. What was the first multi-story office building?
11. What was the first air-conditioned office building?
12. What was the name for Austin's first city-wide street lighting?
13. What was the first all-night restaurant?
14. What was the song heard during the first telephone conversation?
15. What was the first name of the longest-running newspaper?
16. Who was the first traffic policeman?
17. What was Austin's first park?
18. Who was the operator of the first ferry in 1846?
19. Pierre Bremond, Ewell Nalle, or Reinhold Haschke owned the first what?
20. Who was the first black city council member?
21. Who was the first mayor elected to three terms?
22. Who was the first Hispanic city council member?
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