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photo of Andrew Jackson Zilker photo of Ada Simond photo of Roy Velasquez
Defining Legacies: For Love of Austin
photo of Beverly Sheffield photo of Tom Miller photo of Sue and Frank McBee photo of Jacob Fontaine

An exhibit about people whose contributions shaped our community.

August 28-November 19, 2000

Austin History Center
Austin Public Library
810 Guadalupe

Defining Legacies: For Love of Austin is the new exhibit at the Austin History Center. This exhibit tells the stories of people whose legacies helped define Austin--from the end of the Civil War to the more recent impact of a few noteworthy citizens. In this exhibit, we pay homage to just a few of those individuals whose activities are documented in the archives of the Austin History Center. We have displayed in our halls historic photographs, letters, and other historical documentation that track the contributions of citizen leaders and dreamers, people with a vision of what Austin could be.

The following persons are featured in the exhibit: Andrew Jackson Zilker, Walter Long, Dr. Everett Givens, C. Coatsworth Pinkney, Harry Akin, Arthur Dewitty, Dr. William Astor Kirk, Ada Simond, Beverly Sheffield, Volma Overton, Tom Miller, Laurine Cecil Anderson, Roberta Crenshaw, Frank McBee, Eustasio Cepeda, Willie Kocurek, Roy Velasquez, Arthur Penn Wooldridge and Jacob Fontaine.

We hope that seeing our exhibit will encourage the donation of materials on other worthy citizens about whom we do not yet have information, and that it will stimulate all of us to ponder the legacies that we are creating for future generations.

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