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When was Austin founded?
The site of Waterloo was purchased for the capital of the Republic of Texas in March 1839 and renamed in honor of Stephen F. Austin. On August 1, 1839, the first city lots were sold at auction. The city was officially incorporated on December 27, 1839.

The capital of Texas was named in honor of Stephen F. Austin at the site of the small community that was formerly known as Waterloo. By 1840 the city's population grew to 856, but in 1842 the President of Texas, Sam Houston, moved the seat of government to Houston and then to Washington-on-the-Brazos, which was the capital of Texas until 1845. During this time Austin's population had dropped below 200. In 1845 Texas was annexed into the United States and on February 19, 1846, Austin formally became the state's capital.

Question Two
Where did the name "Waterloo" come from? Why was Austin called Waterloo?

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